About Us

SistersWe want to let you in on a little secret a lot of you may not know, Karen and I both suffered severe physical, mental, and sexual abuse from the people we loved and trusted the most (our protectors). As kids we just learned how to survive in a chaotic world. We had no idea until we were adults, the power of setting goals and having vision in our lives.
We have collaborated together as sisters to create a portable vision board for you! We have both done some pretty remarkable things as a result of believing in ourselves and each other. Now it’s your turn!!

A vision board is quite literally a collage of pictures, phrases, poems and quotes that visually represent what you would like to experience more of in your life. The Look Book was created because we felt it would be much more powerful if we could have our vision board with us at all times. Tap into the power of your dreams and goals in the convenience of your purse or wallet! Click here to see Karen and her Look Book