Are you dreading going to the gym and working out around other people? Do you not have time to spare after work or in the morning to commute to your local facility? Maybe Home Workouts are the right option for you!

Working out in the convenience of your own home can be very appealing to many people. The challenge becomes having access to equipment and knowing what movements to perform to get the workout that you’re looking for.

An excellent place to start is by simply performing body weight exercises. In this article, we’ll talk about lower body specifically. You can break down your training session by organizing the exercises into the muscle groups in which the movements target. For example, to target the front side of your legs, you can choose a body weight squat or an in-place lunge. Something that is a knee-dominant movement. On the flip side, to target your glutes and hamstrings/posterior chain, you can choose a glute bridge or a hip lift variation. Something that is a hip-dominant movement.

Once you have your exercise selection dialed in, next it is time to decide what volume scheme to utilize. Do you want to go for time or knock out a specified number of sets and reps? You can feel free to change things up with this to keep things relatively fresh. It would be wise to start conservative and then gradually increase the volume and intensity of these movements as your body becomes accustomed to them. You could start with setting a timer for 15-20 minutes and simply rotate through a double-leg hip and knee dominant movement and then move onto a single-leg hip and knee dominant movement. Hit each of those movements for 8-10 repetitions and continue rolling through those for the allotted amount of time.



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