Good nutrition is a cornerstone of good health and being your best self. However, life often has other plans that derail our plans. Whether that be a late night at work, or back-to-back birthday celebrations, sometimes eating well is not so simple. Perhaps you do a great job at packing your lunch everyday with a colorful salad and you drink 8 glasses of water a day. Compare these habits to the double margarita Taco Tuesday happy hour you attend once a week. We are human, we have cravings but it is important to develop and maintain healthy eating habits. 

Here are some tips to eating well on the go:

  • If you know where you are going out to eat, take a moment to look at their menu online before you go. Many restaurants post their nutrition information on their website as well. Sometimes seeing that the burger and fries you were planning on having has your entire day’s allotment of calories and fat might sway you to choosing the grilled chicken breast sandwich on a whole grain bun with the veggie fries.
  • If you are going to an event that will provide snacks, but you are unsure if those snacks fit in to your wellness program, eat before you go. Taking control of your hunger in advance will prevent indulging in too many temptations. 
  • If you are attending a birthday party, take a small sliver of the cake and load your plate up with fresh strawberries so that you can enjoy yourself and stay on track.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has some great advice for eating right away from the home that include:

  • Choose a smaller portion
  • Choose the grilled option rather than fried
  • Order a vegetable as your side dish
  • Walk to the restaurant instead of driving
  • Take half of your food home (thereby cutting the calories in half!)

Good nutrition is possible, even with a busy lifestyle. You can enjoy your food, have a treat, and stay on track with your wellness! Happy dining!



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