My Story

The Full Story. I share this story below so that my story may help bring hope to others.

When I was 10 years old Sheriffs had come to our home one Saturday evening. It was very odd for anyone to come to our home because we lived in the boonies. When they came in to our home they started searching for things, what they found are things children should not be around; they found drugs, dirty magazines and guns.

The next thing I remember is my Mom being put in handcuffs and placed in the back of a Sheriff’s car, the look on her face was unforgettable. I was crying as they put me in the back of another car with my 2 sisters and brother. We started driving down the road and came to a Y, my Mom and stepdad went one way as we went another. I was devastated, what was going on? Will I ever see my Mom again?

We continued on that road for another hour or so and arrived at a huge building where we were taken inside, it was a very sterile environment. The lady who had taken us there was calling around trying to find a home for us. I remember my younger sister Karen looking at me right in the eyes saying, “Teri they are going to split us up.” Well they eventually found a Foster couple to take us in.

We stayed there for around 3 months until my birth Father was awarded custody.

I had and older sister, Gwen who was not with us that evening the police came, she had been spending time with Dad that weekend. It was that weekend she had told Dad what had been going on. From the ages of 4-10 I was sexually abused by both my step father and my birth mother.

I hated Gwen for telling, she took my Mom away from me! Imagine being 10 and having your Mom taken away from you for good. What I did not realize at the time is she saved us from a life of continual abuse. I am so grateful for her to this day. God had better plans for me.