Even if you do not want bulging muscles, you should still pay some attention to muscle gain. It usually takes more than fat loss to get a nicely sculpted body. Toned muscles not only look good, but increase your metabolism so you can burn more fat throughout the day. Here are three exercises that will help you gain muscle. 

  1. Push-ups are an effective muscle-building exercise that anyone can do. No heavy equipment is required and it will help build arm and chest muscles. Doing at least ten to twenty push-ups a day will help you gain muscle quickly without over doing it. If you find push-ups are too difficult, then try modified push-ups. 
  2. Squats are another equipment-free exercise for muscle gain. Instead of building muscle in your arms, squats will help you build muscles in your legs. Be careful you are using proper techniques for squats to avoid back and knee problems. Also, do not over do it. Muscle workouts are intense and short, unlike fat burning workouts. 
  3. For those looking to gain a lot of muscle and has access to gym equipment, lifting weights is the way to go. But be careful. Lifting weights incorrectly can lead to injury.

For muscle gain, you should lift heavy weights for only a few reps. They should be heavy enough for you to only do six to eight reps with the last few reps being difficult.

Include long recovery periods between reps and recovery days in between workouts. Weight lifting workouts should only happen two to three times a week.

It is also important to keep up on cardio to keep your heart healthy enough to avoid too much strain during weight sessions and to use a spotter to prevent injury. 

Using push-ups, squats, and weight lifting, you will soon have an excellently toned and muscular body. 




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