Are you ready to shake off your old routine and get healthy? Goals are important for anyone starting a new fitness or diet routine. But how do you set your goals, and what should you focus on achieving? Here are three types of goals you can set to get your new  routine started.


One easy goal to meet for any fitness plan is simply staying consistent with your workout routine or your diet plan. As the first goal to achieve, it can be easy as long as you stick to it every single day.

Improvement in Flexibility and Stamina

A great way to set your fitness goal is through what you body can do after a period of consistent exercise and diet. Can you run an extra ten minutes without getting out of breath? Are you doubling your number of sets per workout? These can give you a better idea of how your body is changing and responding to the work you are doing, and it won’t tie you to a number on the scale.

Weight and Measurement

Getting on a scale can be a stress-inducing activity for some, but knowing where you are starting is the only way to know how much you have accomplished when working towards your fitness goals. The two things you need to remember when you are getting your base numbers is that you don’t have to constantly weigh yourself and that other measurements may be a better indicator of fitness achievement than just weight. You can set a period of time, such as once a month, to check in on your numbers, but you don’t have to stress about them.

Having goals with any fitness routine is important. It is a way to keep you accountable, motivated and consistent with what you want to achieve.



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