Moms are notorious for always putting others before themselves. They are last to eat and the first one to give up their dessert. They are the last person to sleep and the first ones awake. So when your entire day revolves around everyone else how can you find the time to work on yourself?

Make your babies your motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle and not your excuse for continuing bad habits.

According to the First Five California-Learning Center , “A child’s brain is 80% developed by age 3. A number of factors influence early brain development. These important factors include: daily experiences, parent responsiveness, nutrition, physical activity, genetics, and love.”

Delight and enlighten your little one every day by finding fun ways to interact with them and find opportunities for fitness.

It should come as no surprise but those mirrors aren’t just for progress pictures and gym selfies. You can and should be using them to check your form and posture while exercising. Try facing a mirror around your house, hold your little one so they can look at themselves while you squat,baby,squat!

You can also get a quick, no gear, arm workout by extending your arms out in front of you while holding your baby and lifting them up and down. Littles love to see your facial expressions and the smile one their face will make those extra sets worth while.

Wall sits can be done with your child sitting on your lap. Try singing a little song like the “ABC’s” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. You can also try reading from your child’s favorite book during the exercise.

Lay your baby on a yoga mat or blanket on the floor. You can perform push up kisses or planks over them, giving them a sweet kiss on the way down.

You can lay flat on the floor and get a great ab workout by bending your knees into a table top position and have your baby “superman” balancing on your knees. Help them keep stable by holding their hands. Tighten your abs and lower your feet to the floor and repeat to work lower abs. Keep your knees bent and crunch up to kiss your baby.

Don’t think you have enough time in the day? Be creative short interval exercises scattered throughout the day. Pick an exercise like jumping jacks and do a set every time you use the bathroom. It may not seem like it at first, but if you just 10 jumping jacks a set a few times a day then that’s hundreds of jumping jacks you will be doing just in a few weeks!

Get outside and take your baby for a walk. Head to the park for some monkey bars and chasing kids.

It’s important to try different types of exercise so you can find what works for you. Make an extra effort not to purchase and bring junk food into the house. Find ways to make healthier swaps in your diet like drinking more water and eating smaller portions or skipping the late night snacking. You are the biggest influence for your kids and they watch everything you do. Make sure you aren’t teaching bad habits. Contact us if you are ready to make a change in your life or if you need a little guidance to be a happier, healthier Momma.



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