You know achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle means setting attainable long-term goals, but for many of us those long-term goals get in the way of putting that first foot forward on our fitness journey. Getting healthy is easier with a few simple strategies to give you that boost you need. Before you know it, your short-term goals become lifelong healthy habits.

Here are five short-terms goals you can set to start living your best self today:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Your body needs water. Youthful, glowing skin, muscle recovery, shiny, strong hair and nails, and a faster metabolism require water, and drinking more is an easy goal to set and stick to! Grab your favorite bottle and drink that water!
  • Eat fresh: Fresh fruits and veggies are filling, packed with fiber and nutrients, and change with the seasons, giving you something new to shake up your routine. Swap out that starch on your dinner plate for a second veggie, grab a piece of fruit for your morning snack, or add something exotic and fresh to that salad.
  • Be accountable: Accountability is different for everyone, so find the way that works for you. Share goals and progress with a friend, journal, join a support group, or find a trainer you love.
  • Move more: At the beginning, it’s as simple as taking the stairs, or parking farther away from the store entrance. Next thing you know, you’re looking for the next challenge!
  • Start small: If your wellness journey feels impossible, it’s hard to begin at all. Think of a specific thing you want to accomplish on the way to your best self. Maybe it’s a dress you want to wear again, or an event you want to participate in. Make the small goal the priority; it will become the first leg of the longer journey.

Are you ready? Now that you’ve got some short-term strategies, take it from Self, and be SMART about your long-term goals. You’ve got this!



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