When you think about healthy foods to eat, what do you typical grab? A lot of people look for labels that says high in fiber, low in fat or sugar-free. Even foods you may skip could potentially have health benefits you could be missing out on. Here are some common foods and the hidden health benefits they have.


This leafy green is often cited as a super food to add into your diet, but did you ever stop to ask what it contains that’s so great for your health? Kale contains a good amount of fiber to keep your digestive system going, vitamin K for cell growth and antioxidants to help fight the risk of certain cancers.

Tomato Sauce

While tomato sauce may get a bad rap for adding sugar to your carb-heavy pasta dishes, there are actually some great benefits to tomato sauce. The sauce contains the heart-healthy lycopene as well as the powerful antioxidant apigenin. This particular antioxidant is important for women and has been linked to a reduced risk in developing ovarian cancer.


Could this famous movie time snack actually have hidden health benefits? Popcorn does have antioxidants and disease-fighting properties contained within the crunchy hull of the popped kernel, though it is a relatively small amount. Ferulic acid is also present in popcorn, and it works in the body to help fight everything from diabetes to neurodegenerative diseases. However, the popcorn won’t help with your health goals if you are covering it in salt, oil or butter.

As with any type of food, eating your favorites in moderation is important. That way you will get the health benefits and still get to enjoy the occasional treat.



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