We’ve all been there. Laying in bed, exhausted from the day’s shenanigans. Do I really need to workout today? Maybe I’ll just pick up something to eat instead of cooking. Yet, time and time again you go against your better judgement and fall victim to your inner voice. Motivation is hard to come by. Some days we have a lot of motivation and others we fall behind– for whatever reason. The hardest part about getting motivated is it requires some extra work from you. So when those days come along and your inner voice is nagging you to order a pizza instead of cooking that awesome meal you found online or in a magazine, you’re going to harness that motivation and do what needs to be done because you have prepared yourself for that moment.

Motivation Boards 

Motivation boards are awesome because they can really help you look at your short-term and long-term goals all in one beautiful place. To start your motivation board you should get a cork board, a whiteboard, or even some poster board as a template. Once you have your background you can create notecards or post-its with some goals written on them. These goals include mental or physical health, such as: Smile more; Exercise at least 3x a week; Call a loved one 1x a week; Cook at home 5x a week; and so on. Once you have some goals on there, add pictures of places that you want to travel to, people whose body goals you want to achieve, or some new recipes that you want to try. Lastly, add some inspirational quotes to your board, ones that really make you motivated to give it your all.

Buy a New Cookbook

One of the hardest parts about trying to stay motivated, especially when it comes to eating healthy, is finding recipes you actually want to cook. A good way to get motivated is to buy a new cookbook. Buy a cookbook with recipes that you’ve never tried before, with beautiful bright pictures that have healthy recipes. Bringing in something visual to your kitchen that is also tangible (versus a recipe found online) can really motivate you to create a delicious and healthy dish.

Create a Regime with a Friend

One of the hardest parts about getting motivated is finding someone to stay motivated with you. Try to find a friend who is interested in the same goals as you and create a regime together! Typically if you have someone else who relies on you to workout or eat right, it’s a lot harder to overlook it because you’re no longer the only person involved in that goal. Having a workout or cooking buddy could be more beneficial to accomplishing your goals.

Take Progress Pictures

Being able to see progress is a great motivator because it shows how far you’ve come from your original state. Whether it’s taking pictures of yourself or taking pictures of your meals, it can make a big difference in seeing the journey along the way. The hardest part about weight loss is feeling like nothing has changed. Weight loss is something that happens over time and a lot of the time we don’t notice the subtle changes, but pictures capture those subtle changes. Take a picture of yourself everyday and create a video of yourself over the course of a year and see how you have accomplished your goals. Create a blog of the food to cook and eat and see how your diet has changed over the course of a year. Because we are all different from a year ago and it’s nice to see in what ways.

Motivating yourself to accomplish a goal is hard– but if you take the right steps, you can stay motivated and do what you set out to do without struggling so much.



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